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we're here to reignite humanity's true nature


What is Art2BeHuman and what makes it relevant now?

A time has come for humankind to come together as one, to restore harmony in ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our beloved earth. 

It's time to ignite our human potential together, to seize the opportunity to live a fulfilled life aligned with our true nature, this is what the Art2BeHuman movement is all about.


Reigniting humanity's true nature.


Raquel Rubio Higueras

Hola! I'm Raquel, welcome to Art2BeHuman.


I've always been fascinated by human beings, our human experience as individuals and what brings us together to achieve the most amazing things.


What are we? What's our true nature? What connects us to others? How do we learn to be human? For me, this was the start of a long list of lifelong questions to seek answers for.

Art2BeHuman was born from the realisation that no matter how uniquely different we are as individuals, how we may define our essence, or how we may identify with the variety of roles we play in life, one thing is certain: we're all here experiencing life on earth as human beings.


Sharing our journey as members of this complex species is what has connected civilizations through history and continues to connect us all globally today. 


Experiencing life as a human being may be challenging at times. My wish is that in joining our community you find the inspiration, opportunity and tools to live a fulfilled life and you support others to do the same.

Hope you enjoy exploring your true nature with us. 

Love, Raquel



At Art2BeHuman we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to support human beings grow. 

We do the hard work for you by curating knowledge from a variety of sciences and practices across the world, turning them into practical insights.

Our learning methodology blends the latest research in behavioural sciences with the wisdom from Eastern philosophies and ancient traditions. Mother Nature is one of our key sources of inspiration and wisdom.

We use creativity, play, multi-sensorial techniques and the arts to make learning joyful and a truly transformational experience.



A Greek name for a technique developed in Spain over sixty years ago. It translates as the science of consciousness in harmony.

Sophrology uses body movement, breathing exercises, and visualisation techniques to ground the body and calm the mind.


A practice that combines Eastern philosophies such as yoga, zen meditation and Tibetan Buddhism with western science such as psychology, neurology and phenomenological  psychiatry.


NLP is the study of the structure of subjective behaviour.

A set of practical tools and techniques to help people to achieve excellence in all aspects of their life. 

Coaching is a deeply personal skill centered around the power of  questioning and active listening with the aim to empower individuals to  take full responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, energy and behaviour to lead a fulfilled life. 


Our health and wellbeing is at the core of thriving in life as human beings.

We bring a holistic healing approach aimed at achieving radiant health. Nutrition is a great way to start, although when working with clients we nurture body, mind and soul.


We share what we've learnt from cultures of longevity such as Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda to inspire people to own their health in today's world.

A few examples of practices in our toolbox 



We're proud to collaborate and partner with others on our mission to reignite humanity's true nature.

We're always looking for potential collaborations with individuals and organisations around the world, to join us in co-creating learning experiences.


And we love bringing our expertise and energy to others' projects too!


In addition, we're keen to establish long-term partnerships with those wanting to make positive change in the world. Together, we can make a greater impact.

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