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I believe our life is a path of experiences serving a single purpose: to offer us the possibility of expanding our capacity to love.


Sometimes it’s challenging to see how individual experiences shape our path. It’s only in retrospect that we can see the common thread that brings together all these steps into our life’s bigger journey.


These are some of the key experiences and reflections that have been on my path and have led to the creation of Art2BeHuman. As you read about my path, I invite you to reflect on yours.


What's your Art2BeHuman path?


The divide between Catalan people in relation to being part of Spain is a well-known fact. I grew up in Lleida, a Catalan city located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea. I was born however, in Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heritage city of incredible natural and historic beauty which lies on a pyramid-like hill above the confluence of two rivers in central Spain.


I learnt from this natural phenomenon and my personal experience that although being in between worlds can be unsettling, we can use our uniqueness to bring people together.

Being my brother’s older sister was probably the greatest gift of all: learning how to use my sensitivity and empathy to nurture others, one of the most joyful responsibilities in life. 

When your family owns a restaurant, it’s easy to see how, without much family around, customers become your extended family. They do say it takes a village to raise a child, well, in my case, I was fortunate to have a whole community to grow up with. No wonder living in community and being of service - whatever collective you are part of - became such an important part of who I am.


The locals back home still ask my parents for regular updates on what I’m doing!

Being the captain of the female football squad brought the most joy and happiness. Important lessons about teamwork, leadership, doing what you love and the importance of having an active body and calm mind.


Adolescence is a time of very important decisions that shapes everyone’s future. This is where my passion for supporting others making the right choices for them comes from. I was fortunate to have a great mentor, who taught me we have the answers inside us.

My choice was simple: explore the world. It started with summers all over Europe as an exchange student or on work experiences. There was no way back, travelling and exploring new cultures would become my first true love.

Balancing making practical and rational choices about the future whilst still having fun in the present by pursuing my passions.

At 22, I moved to the UK to start my career in Human Resources. A period of hard work and continuous growth, both professionally and personally. Learning from relationships at work and in life. I love the expression ‘nothing goes wasted’, that’s how I feel about this time.


I learnt another aspect of community, how big organisations get things done and, supporting senior leaders in making business decisions, I witnessed the best and worst sides of human beings at work.

Becoming a conscious leader as a priority when leading teams. Still a work in progress.


Living in Asia allowed me to connect first-hand with the wisdom sources of some of the disciplines I had encountered in Europe. This was truly an exploration of the senses, experimenting with all  kinds of beautiful practices and rituals.


The reconnection with nature, ancient cultures and mindful living became great teachers. On my return, my focus became finding ways to integrate these practices into my daily life.

Gaining a broader perspective and understanding of how unique and yet connected we are as human beings.

As a single woman then, I went through an important phase of my personal growth around relationships and the link with my creative energy. An empowering and at times painful period of introspection, which meant a renewal of my relationship with myself and others.


Bringing the heart energy into decision-making and trusting my intuition was a key focus. This period offered me the chance to review what I was responsible for and where change was necessary.

Being able to set boundaries and letting go of what does not serve us anymore.


It's 2023, and the opportunity for new beginnings for all of us emerges.


For me, it means expressing myself with freedom by sharing my Art2BeHuman path and inspire others to share theirs.


What’s yours?

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